Music can be as valuable as attire at New York Fashion Week

The carpets have been rolled up, and the clothing racks have vanished, leaving only a few stray feathers and sequins behind, but some New York Fashion Week attendees may be humming the tunes they heard on the runways for days to come.

That is actually a goal for many designers when they select the few songs that are played as models walk the runway wearing their latest collections. “It’s a quick movie that we do when we put together a fashion show,” Michael Kors told The Associated Press this week at his fall/winter show. “The soundtrack is crucial.”

Kors’ latest collection had a bohemian flair, with miniskirts, big belts, and high suede boots, as well as fringe accents with a modern sensibility. It was a tribute to the strong women who influenced him growing up, including Tina Turner, Jane Fonda, and Gloria Steinem, who sat in the front row. Kors’ team created an all-female soundtrack, with much of it performed live by a string orchestra in the centre of the runway as a nod to them.

The fashion week schedule is typically packed, with several shows taking place each day, so music is one way to stand out. One of Gordon’s goals when scoring his shows is to achieve this.

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