Golden State Warriors’ Playoff Woes: Reasons for their Struggles

Golden State Warriors' Playoff Woes: Reasons for their Struggles

Golden State Warriors’ Playoff Woes: Warriors Face Uphill Battle in Playoffs: Is the End Near for the Dynasty?

The Golden State Warriors’ Playoff Struggles

  • The Warriors are NBA defending champions but are struggling this postseason.
  • Being the Warriors is no longer enough to ensure their success.
  • The team can no longer rely on past tricks and is finding their margin for error has diminished.
  • The Warriors are currently trailing 2-0 in their best-of-seven series against the Kings.
  • It’s the first time they have lost the first two games of a playoff series since the trio of Curry, Thompson, and Green came together, Golden State Warriors.

Reasons for the Warriors’ Struggles

  • The Kings had the better record and a more cohesive team dynamic throughout the season.
  • The Warriors’ poor road record and roster turbulence due to injuries and trades have further exacerbated their challenges.
  • The team’s lack of ammo to overcome problems game to game was apparent in their most recent defeat to the Kings.

Tactical and Emotional Flaws

  • The tactical issues during the game were partly due to coach Steve Kerr.
  • The emotional flaw came from Draymond Green, who was ejected from the game for stomping on Sabonis’s ribcage area.
  • Golden State was deprived of their top player who played a vital role in linking and screening on offense, as well as their previous Defensive Player of the Year who contributed significantly on defense.
  • Golden State’s lackadaisical issues were also on full display again, as their casual approach with the ball resulted in 20 turnovers, allowing the Kings to score 25 points off turnovers.

The Kings’ Advantage

  • The Kings, who had a poor shooting night from beyond the arc, still managed to thrive off their ability to run after forcing a turnover.
  • The Kings were able to capitalize on live-ball turnovers and quickly generate 137 points per 100 possessions.
  • Golden State’s repeated mistakes allowed the fast-paced Kings to run in transition, ultimately leading to their defeat.
  • The NBA’s most productive offensive unit in history relied on this approach as the most effective way to score.

Source: SI

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