Chris Hemsworth and Ed Sheeran trade a guitar and Thor’s Hammer

Ed Sheeran and Chris Hemsworth come from different worlds. Hemsworth is a movie star who has starred in a variety of films across multiple genres, including his MCU stint as OG Avenger Thor, and Sheeran is a multi-Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter with numerous smash hit songs and albums to his credit. Nonetheless, their worlds collided in a new video in which the two swapped out some of their “tools of the trade.”

In an Instagram video posted by Hemsworth, the two megastars decided to exchange a couple of significant artefacts that have been instrumental to their respective performances. Hemsworth presented Thor’s hammer, an essential and instantly recognisable element of his Marvel film performances. Meanwhile, Sheeran offered up his guitar, on which he is likely to have written numerous hits ranging from “Thinking Out Loud” to “Shape of You” and beyond.

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